10 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Don’t Require a Prescription

Antibiotics, ever since they have come into play when it comes to modern medicine, has served to save countless lives.

They have been used for turning serious and even deadly infections into merely temporary ones.

But here’s the scary part.

What with the millions (if not billions) of antibiotic drug prescriptions doctors have handed out over the years, we are facing a serious issue.

We are now dealing with ‘superbugs’. In other words, microorganisms which have slowly but surely ‘adapted’ and are creating an immunity to our techniques and modern medications.

How Bad Is It?

These so-called ‘superbugs’ simply don’t respond to your everyday antibiotic prescription. This is because, over time, they have developed a resistance to them!

It only makes sense that while we looked for ways of developing new solutions to the harmful bacteria in our system, that very same harmful bacteria had also evolved in its own way.

It is getting even stronger and it’s now able to resist a large number of prescribed medications. So, what do we do? We try to gain the upper hand again, of course!

We need to find a way to solve this ‘antibiotic resistance’ issue so that we can take control of our bodies and health again.

Thankfully, there is a way. Many individuals nowadays are turning towards Mother Nature for help.

They have learned to apply natural antibiotics in the case of milder infections so that those don’t grow and become antibiotic-resistant.

Mind you, in order to do this natural treatment right, one needs to know what types of antibiotics there are.

Choosing the Right One

Antibiotics can battle bacteria, fungi and even some parasites, but NOT viruses. The same rule applies to natural antibiotics.

You can divide them into anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

And while the medicinal kind can do both things at once, nature has its own specific set of rules and each one’s function is different.

But remember, this article is not a replacement for medical advice. Always make sure to ask your doctor which natural antibiotic would work best for your condition.

Natural Anti-Bacterials

They are mainly used for strep throat, E.Coli, H.Pylori, Salmonella, ear or wound infections.

–Ginger extract
-Onion extract
-Horseradish root
-Habanero peppers
-Garlic extract
–Raw honey
-Oregano Oil
-Olive leaf extract

Natural Anti-Fungals

They can be used against athlete’s foot, an overgrowth of Candida albicans, yeast infections or skin rashes.

-Echinacea root extract
-Apple Cider Vinegar
-Ginger extract
-Raw honey extract

You can get these ingredients either in tincture or supplement form, but be sure to consult with your doctor on the proper dose.

You can even eat these foods raw each day in order to prevent any infection from occurring in the first place.