What Does Your Favorite Christmas Cookie Say About Your You?

Are you starting to feel the holiday cheer in the air? PlayBrain hopes so! Based on this quiz, we’ll be able to tell you something you might not know about your personality based on your favorite holiday cookie! Take the quiz now and see your result!

1. Scroll down to find your favorite holiday cookie and see what it says about your personality!

2. Here’s what Snickerdoodles say about your personality:

You chose Snickerdoodles!

You are a warm, generous person who stands out from the crowd! You’re unique in that you never fail to surprise others! Some very special angels watch over you, and you tend to have good luck around the holidays! Just like Snickerdoodles, you can sometimes be overlooked but you are always a delight!
3. Here’s what Gingerbread Men say about your personality:

You chose Gingerbread Men!

You’re a very traditional person who enjoys the holidays very much! You can always be counted on to bring something to a potluck or show up with the best-tasting cookies at a party! Ginger is a little spicy, just like your attitude, which everyone enjoys immensely! You light up a room wherever you go!

4. Here’s what Sugar Cookies say about your personality:

You chose Sugar Cookies!

You enjoy the simple pleasures in life! Why fix something that isn’t broken? A little festive icing could improve these cookies, but not by much! You probably have a very fashionable wardrobe, a clean home, and like to be the one in your group of friends to give advice. You know what you want in life, and at the end of the day, you’re a reliable person!

5. Here’s what Ginger Snaps say about your personality:

You chose Ginger Snaps!

You’re a little bit out of the ordinary, aren’t you? You don’t go for anything boring whether it be food, clothes, or your romantic partner! You were probably the first one in your friend group to get a trendy haircut, try a hot new restaurant, or do something completely random and brave like ask for a stranger’s phone number in a bar! Just like Ginger Snaps, you have a fiery side to you, and you aren’t afraid to show it!

6. Here’s what Shortbread Cookies say about your personality:

You chose Shortbread Cookies!

You’ve got a full heart and a giving soul! Just like Shortbread Cookies, you are rich where it counts: you have friends who adore you, your attitude is almost always positive, and you look on the bright side in life. You’re a classic in every sense of the word!

7. Here’s what Lemon Cookies say about your personality:

You chose Lemon Cookies!

You’re a bit daring, aren’t you? You love to try new things once in a while, and you don’t shy away from giving your opinions when it really matters. You like a little zing in your life, and just like lemon cookies, what you see is what you get! You wear your heart on your sleeve and everybody knows you for who you really are!