Tighten Your Belly in 21-Day With The Plank Challenge

Many people want to get six-pack abs, but can’t get it as they’re struggling with belly shape problems. If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t get disappointed, since there’s a simple solution for your problem.

Plank is a simple exercise that can help you get six-pack abs. You shouldn’t underestimate its effectiveness as it’s a static exercise. It does involve the work of more muscles than other exercises.

The focus of this exercise is positioned on the body’s upper part. In other words, the corset muscles are extended thanks to it. Moreover, it’ll make you sweat harder compared to practicing crunches. Additionally, it’s great for your body and you’ll get strong muscles in a short period of time.

The total workout for your belly abs involves set of exercises that you’ll have to practice for three weeks:
Week 1

You need to practice a plank on a daily basis during the 1st week. Hold it for about half a minute. During the last days of the 1st week, when you’ll find it easy to hold the position, you should hold it for about a minute. You may want to follow the movements from the image below for best results.

Week 2

You should practice the same exercise as the 1st week on a daily basis during the 2nd week. But, make sure you hold your body for additional half a minute in the position needed.

Week 3

You need to practice the same exercise as the 1st and the 2nd week on a daily basis during the 3rd week. You should put your body in a plank position as well as hold it for two minutes or two and a half minutes during the 3rd week.

You should try to keep your motivation on the highest level and you shouldn’t give up during these 21 days of workout for best results.