Not just meant to make accessories but jewel stones can actually reveal a lot about your personality!

Since the beginning of time, until this day, precious stones have been studded in jewellery and women enjoy adorning themselves with it. But their value extends beyond that. Did you know that the type of gem you like, reveals a lot about your nature and can even tell your deepest secrets?

Pick a number with the respective jewel from the image below and read further to know what it says about you!

1. Pearl

If you choose number one, it means you have a humble heart. You are a dignified person with a deep sense of pride.

2. Ruby

You are full of life and have a passionate and intense personality.

3. Diamond

You are absolutely strong, determined and proud of who you are.

4. Blue Topaz

You value the smallest moments of your life and enjoy the bliss of quietness. You are a calm person with a reflective soul.

5. Peridot

If you choose number five, then you are known to be vibrant, energetic and curious. Your strongest powers are your radiant character and joyful nature.

6. Aquamarine

You are high spirited and have an adventurous soul. You are passionate and brave.

7. Tanzanite

If you pick this stone, you have really sharp instincts and are very passionate.

8. Citrine

This stone shows that you are very bubbly with a creative spirit and you understand the true zest for life.

9. Pink Tourmaline

If you liked this stone then it shows that you are a soft person with a sensitive and compassionate soul.

10. Amethyst

You are likely to be intelligent with a vibrant soul.

Jewels have been extracted from the earth and have a deep connection with nature. Thus, people believe they have the powers to describe a person’s character and foretell their future well!