Choose A Clock To Reveal Your Future Prophecy!

The clock you are drawn to reveals what your future holds! Find out now

Determine which clock you like best, then scroll down to read your prophecy!

1. Choosing this clock reveals:

You will conquer the mountains that have long been lingering in your mind. A new burst of energy and refreshment will flow through your spirit! The whole universe is working to spur you on towards your goals and you will certainly achieve them.

2. Choosing this clock reveals:

Your future will reflect the gracious, respectable, and caring rhythms of your life thus far. Not everyone believes in karma, and that’s okay. But you will certainly reap what you have sown in the lives of others: love and joy!

3. Choosing this clock reveals:

Your vision of the future has been a bit clouded recently. It seems to be full of mystery and fog. Do not fear! What awaits you is full of promise, light, and joy. Keep on doing the things you know to be right and you will get there in due time!

4. Choosing this clock reveals:

Are you thinking about making a big change? Trust the advice of those closest to you while always considering how your decision will affect others. For something to be truly best for you, it must also benefit those who you love the most.

5. Choosing this clock reveals:

Your plans will prove to be well advised. Others may have doubted you along the way, but soon you will be vindicated in the sight of everyone! Keep believing in what your heart tells you and you always be on the right path.

6. Choosing this clock reveals:

An acquaintance of yours is soon to become a close friend. Be slow to judge and you will realize that you have a lot more in common than you expected. Life often sends us exactly what we need before we even know that we need it!

7. Choosing this clock reveals:

A new chapter of your life is about to begin. It will take places you never could have imagined. You could even call this the climax of your life story! Get excited and hold on tight my friend!