Pick a Pendulum & Receive an Angel Message!

Pick a Pendulum & Receive a Angel Message!

Which Pendulum Picture Resonates with you?

Select one and receive your angel message!

Pendulum Angel Message 1:

Your pendulum angel message is: Being grateful does entail a small bit of humility, but do your best to have balance in this as in all things.   Do not let the feeling of humbleness overshadow your soul and unbalance your feeling of self-worth. You are a perfect being of the Creator and should feel the light of being so.  Humble and unworthy are two completely separate feelings. Take a moment to check in with self and see which you are creating from within.  Then, if needed, simply ask and I will help you release the fear that holds you. – The Archangel Michael

Pendulum Angel Message 2:

Your pendulum angel message is: Please dear one, know that you have the answers within you right now.  Do not look for external sources to tell you how you feel.  Even when you ask our guidance, we will deliver our messages and signs from within your heart outward.  This is why they resonate so purely when you feel them to be correct.  Take a moment to close your eyes and feel us there as we sing your praises, love you completely, and embrace your soul.  Have the courage to know that you are enough and the answers are within you already.  This knowledge was brought through with your soul when you incarnated into this physical existence and placed in your heart for safe keeping.  Trust your heart.

Pendulum Angel Message 3:

Your pendulum angel message is: Respect, renew, and refresh.  Take time to rest and love the bodies that you are occupying for this physical experience you participate in. Too many times we see them abused or neglected.  We wish to just remind you that there are many more experiences ahead.  Live through them making the healthy choices that will enhance the journey of this life you have chosen.  Doing so will allow you to focus on the sacred contract you have laid out for yourself with zest and focus.