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Pick a Heart & Receive a Angel Message!

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Angel Message 1:

 Your angel message is:  Relationships with others in the physical realm are present many times so that you may experience acceptance.  This may be acceptance of the other or possibly even just acceptance for yourself.  However, do keep in mind that by learning acceptance, it does not always mean that you need to continue to have the person in your life to do so.  If it is time to release someone with love, then it is time.  Trust your gut.  Ask if it is time and if you feel it is, accept that it is right for you to move on, ask us for help in cutting any ties with love and release it.

Angel Message 2:

Your angel message is: Being grateful does entail a small bit of humility, but do your best to have balance in this as in all things.   Do not let the feeling of humbleness overshadow your soul and unbalance your feeling of self-worth. You are a perfect being of the Creator and should feel the light of being so.  Humble and unworthy are two completely separate feelings. Take a moment to check in with self and see which you are creating from within.  Then, if needed, simply ask and I will help you release the fear that holds you.  – Archangel Michael

Angel Message 3:

Your angel message is:  Simplicity is one of the major keys to happiness.  It is time to stop and take an honest view of not only your life, but the actions you choose to take in it.  See where you can simplify.  Ask for my help, so that you may once again regain true direction.  Many times the mind will clutter your space, mind, or body to deflect from its true purpose.  Over time, the mind gives itself an illusion that this is the way to stay “safe” However; your soul knows that it is not that hard and simplicity is the key.  Simplify things with my help and experience true enlightenment. – Archangel Uriel