Choose a Silhouette And Find Out More About Yourself

For the looks of every woman, except the lineage, of key importance is one gland, which is naturally more active than others. Conventionally, the female body can be divided into four types.

Such classification is of course far from ideal and perfect, because the way our organism works depends on many factors.

However, these 4 silhouettes can be considered the most widespread – their characteristics are represented by most women.

Choose 1 from the 4 silhouettes that you are the most similar to and read below what is says about you.

1. Apple (dominant gland – adrenal)

Basic features: the upper part of the body is noticeably larger than the lower one. This type of women, usually have broad shoulders, larger breasts, small butt, strong arms and legs. In most cases, the skin of this type of women is naturally smooth and without cellulite. If this type of woman gains pounds, the extra pounds go in the breasts, arms and stomach first.
Psychological characteristics: Ladies with such a figure usually have distinct leadership skills, make quick decisions and are independent and responsible. However, they have only one bad habit – they don’t have a limit in working, resting, food or sports.
Recommendations: Vegetarian diet suits you perfectly. Sometimes you need to be stop worrying and learn to enjoy in the simple stuff. In order to maintain the perfect shape, you should swim.

2. Pear (dominant gland – ovaries)

Basic features: The representatives of this type, have a classic female body with a narrow upper part and rounded hips and butt. The silhouette looks like a pear. The weight gain usually starts at the hips and the waist and stomach are last to gain weight. They have a tendency for cellulite.
Psychological traits: These ladies are very caring, loving and sensitive. They get on with new people very easy, as if they feel their thoughts and tendencies. Due to the slow metabolism, they can have some external indifference, but this is a deceptive impression, because this woman is very emotional on the inside.
Recommendations: When choosing a diet, eat more fruits, vegetables and light proteins. Forget about butter, margarine, sauces, chocolate and pasta. For psychological comfort you need communication. Avoid solitude, but stay away from aggressive and nervous people. Breathing gymnastics and yoga will help relieve tension and accumulate positive energy. Remember that you have slow metabolism, so physical activity is necessary, especially cardio exercises.

3. Rectangle (dominant gland – pituitary)

Basic features: This body has the figure of a teenager: narrow hips and there is no clearly defined waist. The arms and legs are usually short and the head looks bigger. Also, this type is characterized by a long waist and a small round butt. Women with such a figure gain weight very hard and first gain it in the stomach. A weak lymphatic system can be a cause for swelling and dry skin.
Psychological characteristics: The ladies of this type are mostly introvert, inclined to art and science. They may look indifferent and closed, but not because they are unwilling to communicate, but because of the fact that they are self-sufficient. Sometimes, they are deeply immersed in their thoughts and because of it they forget about reality and everyday stuff.
Recommendations: Protein-based diet and reduced carbohydrate intake is recommended. For the harmony of the soul, this type of women need to be surrounded by beautiful things. There should be as many flowers and fragrant candles as possible in the house. As far as exercise is concerned, exertion exercises are recommended, which can remove the stomach and emphasize the waist.

4.Hourglass (dominant gland – thyroid)

Basic features: The figure looks like an hourglass. Ladies of this type first gain weight in the stomach and hips (limbs often remain thin, even with increased weight). The disadvantages of this type are weak muscles and very fragile bones. Also, they might have problems with thin, dry skin and they have a tendency for cellulite.
Psychological traits: the women of this type are cheerful, active and sociable. They are very communicative. Thanks to that they can easily fit into any company.
Recommendations: You should eat green vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, grass, beans, etc.). Also, low fat dairy products are necessary. It’s best to limit fruits, bread, alcohol and caffeine to a minimum. To eliminate stress and tension at the end of the working day, hot tub would be great. Recommended sport activities include group sports and dancing.