Which Of These Stones Attracts You The Most? Click here and learn the truth about you!

Over the course of a day we make many experiences and some things only get our attention subconsciously. Our intuition receives this information and transmits it to our brains. We are now able to understand this unexplored part of our being a little better. Take this quiz and find out which gemstone attracts you and what it means.


You are attracted by the Malachite!

With its unmistakable green color the Malachite stands for adventure and is the guardian stone of Capricorn and Aquarius.

It also stands for a zest for life and strengthens the carrier’s heart. You are a romantic spirit who likes to commit to deep relationships with others. You are the kind of person that thinks twice about their decisions and then decides with a clear head.

You are attracted by the Jasper!

With its glowing red color the Jasper stands for humor and is the guardian stone of Pisces and Aries.

It also stands for romance and influences the good spirit of its carrier. It promises a long and fulfilled life. You are full of energy and are able to transfer this energy onto others. You are also known for your knowledge of human nature and are able to tell good from evil.

You are attracted by the Lapis Lazuli!

With its heavenly blue color the Lapis Lazuli stands for loyalty and is the guardian stone of Taurus and Gemini. It also stands for world openness and influences the carrier’s optimism. It substantially influences the carrier’s charm and draws the attention of others. You want to take advantage of every moment in your life and get the most fun out of every situatio

You are attracted by the Citrine!

With its sunny yellow color the Citrine stands for ambition and is the guardian stone of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

It also increases the aura of the carrier and strengthens natural beauty. With the help of the gathered energy, it can protect the carrier especially against bad spirits at night. Your time is especially important to you. You always make sure that everything you do gets you further ahead in life. That is how you develop on a daily basis and feel that you are on a good path.

You are attracted by the Pyrite!

With its intense silver color the Pyrite stands for empathy and is the guardian stone of Virgo and Libra.

The Pyrite is also known to prevent diseases. It increases the carrier’s well-being and contributes to a healthy life. You are also a creative person who always develops new ideas. In your ideas you find peace and gather strength for bigger plans.

You are attracted by the Tiger Eye!

With its glowing yellow color the Tiger Eye stands for happiness and is the guardian stone of Cancer and Leo.

The Tiger eye often increases the amount of appreciation others have for the carrier and magically increases their beauty. You are also a person who is very fond of their memories. You remember things from the past very well and happily look back on childhood memories every day.