The shell you choose reflects your character: A detailed analysis has delighted us!

Look at these three shells in the picture above. Which shell attracted you? Which one of them is most attractive to you?

Avoid choosing your favorite color and choose the one that is most interesting to you at this time.

Below is an explanation of your choice.

Shell 1

The back of this shell is very different from what is inside. Outside is rough with spikes that come out of it to protect the creature that was once inhabited in this shell.

It used to be white outside, but now it’s mostly brown – gray because of the deposits created by life in the sea. It’s hard to figure out the picture, but the interior of this shell is smooth, light brown with a beautiful interior of the apricot color.

Choosing this shell indicates that you have survived the storms in your life and that you are now much stronger and wiser due to these experiences. Still, wear scars, but that’s something that does not have to be permanent. Like shells on the shell, they can be washed away. You are also a sensitive and gentle person, and your protection was important once, just like now.

It’s hard to be surrounded by negative people and you have to limit the time spent with them to protect your delicate nature. Of course, you will say that sometimes it is impossible to completely isolate yourself from those that are negative – it can be a member of your family, someone at work or even a client.

In this case, it is important to use a kind of protective ritual, such as imagining yourself in a white light shell, asking God to protect you. You can also imagine mirrors around you that reflect negativity back, but turn them into love.

You need to keep your own energy – not to feel exhausted because of those who feed on your beautiful energy. Ensure time yourself with yourself to rebuild your energy. Also, you would benefit from some kind of energy healing.

Shell 2

This shell is smoother out of the inside. The picture shows the furrows that extend from the bottom to the top … almost like the rays of the sun that sway. Just like this shell, your rays are greatly affected by those who come in contact with you.

You need to be careful not to run out and become bitter and rude because you give too much to people. Learn to say “NO” occasionally. This does not mean that you will stop transmitting beautiful beams of light to people, just be aware of your own needs and set boundaries.

You are also important and you need to be aware that receiving is just as important as giving – the balance is crucial. This shell is perfectly symmetrical and just like a shell, you like that everything is in perfect order in your world, simply and balanced, otherwise you tend to suffer from stress or worry.

It would benefit from the structure, routine, organization, and task list creation. However, know that things do not have to be perfect all the time. Learn to let things in your life.

Strive to perfection, which leads to disappointment when you feel that you are not up to that point. Know that you are good enough, whether you believe it or not.

Perhaps you should seek excellence instead of perfectionism, since excellence is easier to achieve and will not lead you to feel that you are not good enough.

Shell 3

This shell is smooth on its entire surface with a beautiful dotted pattern from the outside. The shell has a small crack that does not notice the first. The inside has a tooth-like structure that sounds like “away from my home”.

If you choose this shell, it indicates that it’s time to leave something that does not use you anymore. You think that the wolf changes his hair, but he does not, but maybe not. You can change if you really do.

It’s a choice that only you can do – no one can choose for you. Even if you have a feeling that your life has thrown your ball into a ball and that you have drawn such cards in your life, do not give your power to someone else. When you allow others to master your life, you give them the power to create your life.

Instead, take power and create the life you want. You may need to get rid of some limited beliefs based on childhood experiences. You may have to free yourself from the past and forgive yourself in order to continue and truly create the life you deserve.

You may need to openly say something or openly talk, but instead of coming out of love, the words came from hurt, anger, sorrow and frustration. Let your heart guide your words so that they can come from love.

Even with a crack, this shell is beautiful. The crack does not pass through it whole – it’s just on the surface. Therefore, return to be your soul and reject what is no longer serving you on the surface.

Which shell did you choose?

Did she make you think and show you faithfully where you are in your life right now?