Your Favorite Peacock Feather Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality and Guide You To Happiness. Choose Wisely!

Different types of personalities have been identified and categorized under different parameters, and some psychological researches have also done so, based on the theory of color and shapes.

For this reason, a simple test has been developed to determine what type of personality is yours, you just have to choose one of the four feathers that appear in the image and this will tell you how you are.

If your choice is…

Peacock Feather A

You have a great deal to be thankful for. Take a few minutes and be thankful for each area of your life. Love, health, friendships, spiritual and financial. When focusing on what we do have we can acknowledge what we have worked hard to bring in. So stop, reflect and enjoy. This is a very positive sign for today.

Peacock Feather B

It is a time of movement. Whether it is planning a well deserved holiday, deciding on new career options, shifting house or shifting your outgrown beliefs. It is a time to shift energy inside or around you. Change and movement will be positive so think seriously about what you want…. and go for it.

Peacock Feather C

Your Guides and Angels are around you to help release any emotions, thoughts or behaviours that may be holding you back on mental. physical, emotional or spiritual levels. Denying pain, or sorrow does not not make it go away and now you are strong enough to heal and release. Take time to meditate or just sit and be still. Allow healing love and light to flow through you and give permission to release unwanted feelings. You are ready to shed this, you no longer need to hold on so tightly. Trust and release.

Peacock Feather D

You are an artist with a great imagination and sensitivity. Unfortunately, you are not always able to realize your visions, so you juggle your thoughts and constantly looking for new means and methods that will allow you to express yourself. You often do not pay attention to the details of your day and the biggest block before you succeed is fear that the world will not understand you.