Neighbor spots peadophile tricking 2 girls into forest, follows them and leaps into action

The world is ever a dangerous place – especially where children are concerned.

Parents all over the world live in a constant state of stress and worry that something bad might happen to their little ones.

However, they can’t keep their eyes on their children permanently around the clock – it’s just not possible. Sometimes, they have to rely on other adults stepping in if a problem arises.

Sometimes it’s those other adults who are the guardian angels of the moment – just ask tattoo-lover Viper MacDonald!

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One mother from Falkirk, Scotland, has described how her daughter and playmate were almost victims of a truly abhorrent crime.

The two girls were out playing in a park near their home one evening, when a stranger approached on a bike and began talking with them. He told the pair that he’d lost his jacket and asked them if they would help him look for it. The girls believed him, and were willing to leave the park to join the ‘search’.

What they didn’t know, was that the man on the bike was none other than John Bermingham, a 50-year-old registered sex offender who has previously spent 12 years in prison after attempting to rape an 11-year-old girl.

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Just as the girls began to follow the man, a neighbour in the area noticed something was awry.

Enter Viper MacDonald, who happened to be watching through his window. Together with his 16-year-old son, and wife, Shelly, he trailed Bermingham and the two girls.

When the opportunity presented itself, Viper jumped on the suspected paedophile and overpowered him. In the process of pinning him to the floor, he shouted for the children to follow his wife. Viper then managed to hold Bermingham down until the police arrived to arrest him.

The policemen who arrived at the scene were shocked when they saw the powerful, fully-tattooed Viper, holding the suspect down and refusing to let him go. This bear of a man is a real hero!

Facebook / Viper MacDonald

Thanks to Viper’s vigilance, bravery and quick-thinking, Bermingham was seized. It pains me to think what might have happened if Viper hadn’t gone with his suspicions and followed the trio.

Both of the girls’ mothers have since expressed their incredible gratitude in a post on Facebook which has been shared thousands of times.

Facebook / Viper MacDonald

One of the mom’s wrote: ‘Rather than sharing the picture of the b****** that has been charged with attempted abduction of our daughters….share the hero’s photo!

‘This is Viper. Last night Viper and his 16yr old son Brandon saw our daughters being taken away by a man and questioned what was going on and telling our girls to run to the safety of his wife. 

‘They then apprehended and held the man until the police came. We will never be able to express our thanks to him and his family enough. This is the people you should be sharing and talking about – not the beast that’s currently in a jail cell!! 

‘People who put the safety of their community first and aren’t afraid to question a situation that looks wrong. We’re just so thankful that they were there yesterday.

‘You are amazing.’

Facebook / Viper Macdonald

Some people would surely judge Viper as a criminal himself, based purely on appearance alone.

And yet he’s reminded everyone that you should never judge a book by its cover. It’s also a timely remember for people to stay vigilant in these dangerous times. Never hesitate to act if you see something suspicious – especially if children are involved.

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