Dying Country Singer Stopped Treatment To Spend Her Final Days At Home With Her Baby and Husband

Joey Martin Feek was a country singer and musician who lived a wonderful life, but in 2016 at the age of 40, she said goodbye to the world.

Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, and after undergoing surgery and treatment, seemed to be cancer free. But a year later, she began to feel unwell and, upon running some tests, found that the cancer had come back and metastasized to her colon.

After chemotherapy and radiation seemed to go nowhere, Joey and her husband Rory discussed and came to the decision that she would stop treatment. Instead, the family would focus on helping her find comfort in her final days.

Joey was set up for hospice care in her home, where she could be near to Indiana, Rory and her daughter, who was one-year-old at the time that this decision was made.

Joey sought the spend all the time she could with Indiana and her pet puppies, and they spent lots of time cuddling and sharing kisses.

In a heartbreaking blog post where he announced this news, Rory talked about the struggles and everyday trials that his family went through and what led to this decision.

The pain had become too much for Joey to bear, and she needed morphine in big doses to be free of the pain.

Joey passed away in the March of 2016, just after Indiana’s second birthday. Rory continues to live on the farm they shared together, where he is raising Indiana.

This beautiful video below captures a precious moment between the bedridden Joey and Indiana. Please watch it and hold Joey and the family she left behind in your thoughts!

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