Mom checks on preemie son born 2 months early: Spots something blue and instantly breaks down

When first-time parents Michelle Campbell and Chris Korres witnessed the birth of their son, it was an emotional roller coaster.

Benjamin was delivered two months premature. When a child is born two months early, he or she will reach the different stages of development two months later than a child born close to their expected date, and so a good many problems can arise.

Benjamin needed constant care and attention after being born – he was quickly placed into a neonatal intensive care department.

Under the watchful eyes of nurses, however, Benjamin began to build his strength and develop at an impressive rate.

Mom Michelle and dad Chris steadily felt more relaxed, eventually feeling ready to bring their baby son home.

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Then one day, when Michelle and Chris went to visit Benjamin while he was still in the hospital, they saw something strange. When the couple approached the incubator, Michelle saw something blue hanging from the drip

A small cape with a Superman-style letter “B” hung beside Benjamin. There was a note by it that read:

“To our little superhero, all the love from Stephanie T”.

Stirred by this unexpected gesture from a stranger, and with emotions flooding her body, Michelle immediately burst into tears.

Neither she nor her husband had ever met anyone named Stephanie at the hospital and were therefore curious as to who could have left the note, and why.

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Michelle and Chris asked around and it soon became apparent that Stephanie Treherne was a nurse in the neonatal care department charged with looking after prematurely-born babies.

The Superman cape and the loving words were Stephanie’s way of giving the children some extra love.

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Stephanie has worked at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal for the past year. She was inspired at a conference by a picture showing a baby in a superhero cape.

She thought this was a fittingly beautiful gesture for children born prematurely. For souls so small and helpless, the children show tremendous will and strength. Every day they take steps forward and battle to overcome the odds. In her eyes, they are real superheroes.

In October, Stephanie began to make small capes for the children she was working with. Although it’s hard to make sizes to fit all children, Stephanie has thus far put together around 100 pieces.

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“It brings a smile to the parents’ faces in a time that’s not so good so it was really special for us to have gotten that,” Michelle said, as per Metro.

Benjamin has since left the hospital and is growing stronger with each passing day at home. His parents are eternally grateful that he is doing so well.

The little one is certainly a strong and tough superhero, not just for his parents, but for Stephanie as well. What’s more, it appears strength isn’t his only asset … he’s also rather cute.

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Every day, nurses and other healthcare professionals around the world struggle to do their best. Often, they do this despite facing a string of challenges – extremely long working shifts amongst them.

Still, they manage – for the most part – to keep up their joy and courage, and give so much to those most in need. In my eyes, Stephanie and her colleagues are superheroes as well.

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Stephanie belongs to a profession that doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves. Nurses so often struggle in silence, and it’s about time we tried to change that. Share this story to pay tribute to an amazing woman, and indeed all her colleagues who work hard to make big differences around the world!