9-Year-Old Falls 30 Feet And Arrives In ‘Heaven.’ Upon Revival, Her Intestinal Disorders Are Gone

This young girl, who was diagnosed with two incurable intestinal disorders, is suddenly strong and healthy after a life-threatening fall. But, her mother owes it to her trip to heaven during the time her physical body was unconscious.

In December 2011, Annabel Beam was playing outside her Texas home with her sisters, Abigail and Adelynn, when she slipped and fell 30 feet (approx. 9 meters) headfirst down the inside of a hollowed-out cottonwood tree.
Firefighters spent hours before finally rescuing 9-year-old Annabel.

Annabel was saved after being trapped inside for six hours. Incredibly, she escaped unharmed, other than “possibly concussion and some superficial bumps and bruises.”

“I guess someone up there was looking out for her,” doctors told her astonished parents, MailOnline reported.

What’s more unbelievable was that after the fall, tests revealed that Annabel was free of all the severe intestinal disorders she was diagnosed with since the age of 5, such as pseudo-obstruction motility disorder and antral hypomotility disorder.

Around 10 days or so after the accident, she had not had “a flare-up of her stomach,” Annabel’s father, Kevin Beam, told CBN.

Her mother, Christy Wilson Beam, attributes it to a special encounter Annabel claims she experienced during the time she was unconscious.

Annabel claims she “went to heaven” and “sat in Jesus’s lap” when she was unconscious after the fall.

“He had brown hair and a beard and he had… a white [robe]…,” Annabel said of Jesus, according to The Blaze. “And then… a purple [sash].”

Annabel said heaven was really bright and its gates are made of gold. She also saw Mimi, her great-grandmother, who passed away in 2010, as well as “two little girls,” referring to Christy’s daughters from her previous two miscarriages.

When Annabel began to regain consciousness, she claims she saw a fairy-like guardian angel, who was shining a light so that she could see.

“I started to wake up in the tree and I could hear the firemen’s voices. And I saw an angel that looked very small, like a fairy,” she said.

Today, Annabel is totally medication-free, and can enjoy her meals without worries.

“I can’t explain what happened to her physically while she was in that tree,” said Kevin. “She wasn’t well before and now she is.”

While doctors had no answer for why Annabel’s chronic intestinal disorders had vanished after the fall, Christy attributed Annabel’s recovery to “Miracles From Heaven.”

Not all stories of children seeing heaven are honest though. In January 2015, Alex Malarkey, who claimed he went to heaven when he was 6 years old in a book, confessed in an open letter that it was a lie.

However, Annabel confirmed that her account was true. Annabel told PEOPLE. “Believe in it if you want to. We put this out so you could have a stronger faith and probably a better life.”

Whether you believe Annabel or not, her story is nothing short of a miracle.

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